Frequently Asked Questions

Who am I?

I provide my advise as an independent subject matter expert in the field of cybersecurity within Infocomm Media Authority of Singapore (IMDA) so as to help C level management differentiate between hype and reality.

Why do you want to start this blog?

This is a means to help document what I like doing outside of work. This helps me organized the information i need or want for my hobbies in a place i can easily refer to.

Would this blog cover areas of what you do as your day job?

This blog will only cover things outside of my day job. Anything i say here is in my personal capacity and does not represent the viewpoints of any other entity including my current employers.

Typically, I do not like to discuss my official work in a public space as unnecessary deduction may be inferred from what I say. In addition, for me to comment on my area of work publicly, I would have to seek the official approval for any message i convey, thus it would be much easier if i just stick to my technical forays outside of my day job.

You are a very handsome man. Can I be your fan?

Hmmm….., this is a very interesting question. I would think that if there are enough of you that are interested in what i do, I might make a Facebook/Instagram fanpage.

Are you an expert programmer?

Very far from it. I took programming in secondary school and in University. Back then University taught C and Java as the basic language you need to master.

Have picked up a little bit of Php and Python since then as interest and would be able to write my own simple scripts with the help of google or stackoverflow but no serious technical chops in the areas such that i can make a living as a programmer. I also like to snoop around Github looking for interesting code base to play around and experiment with.

In short, i know enough to get myself into trouble in the field of programming.

What size T-shirts do you wear?

I would buy typically an XL in Singapore because i like my Tops loose. If I am doing online orders from overseas sites, I would take an L size.